Lisa M. Ross
photo: Mikel Robinson

Private Editions...Family Heirlooms
Every life holds all of the elements of great drama. There may be no material guarantees, but for everyone who marks a place and moment on earth there is the promise of a tremendous story.

Madeleine & Co. gives permanence to memories, and makes legacies of life stories. We begin by recording an oral history, over the course of two to three weeks. With this raw material, we edit, design, and write the narrative, adding historical context, and supporting the intrinsic drama of the story. The result is a first-person narrative that reads like a literary memoir.

In Proust's Remembrance of Things Past, with the taste of a Madeleine cookie soaked in tea the protagonist's entire life comes flooding back to him. While we don't promise the same mystical experience, we are trained in the art of the interview, and we can help you bring forth your fullest possible story.

Some people choose to relate the history of their careers or businesses, others concentrate on their families; we once did an oral history of an historic home. These memoirs are not written for general publication; they are personal and private, written to preserve the stories and memories of those who are no longer here, and the miraculous beginnings of those who have just arrived.

Unparalleled family heirlooms, Madeleine & Co. books are crafted to the highest standards of elegance available.

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