Lisa M. Ross
photo: Carl Christensen

"If it weren't for Lisa Ross, my book would never have been completed! I find working with Lisa easy, fun and rewarding. She has a beautiful way about her, and her writing style. She is eloquent yet very light-hearted at times and a true craftsman of words." —Lisa Light
Author of Destination Bride: A Complete Guide to Planning Your Wedding Anywhere in the World

"Simply beautiful writing, Lisa! I read the chapter you wrote again and was very moved. Your writing so beautifully captures the book's message."
—Kim John Payne, Author of Simplicity Parenting

"It is a beautifully written proposal. It is the writing that makes it so compelling." Carol Mann, Carol Mann Agency

What do you get from reading manuscripts for twenty years? An appreciation for the diversity and equality of life's drama. Clearly everyone has a story to tell, whether it's the story of their life, or their life's work. Yet, the ability to do so in a way that celebrates the story's full strength and beauty...that's exceedingly rare.

Skills that extend beyond the mechanics of writing: strength and clarity of communication, consistency of voice, and the building of a structured argument. I've worked consistently to bridge the space between ideas and their fullest possible expression as an editor and agent.

An ear for narrative. I can conceptualize books; see what's required and what will work in today's highly competitive publishing world. Beyond recognizing the story's heart, beyond telling it well, I know how to honor its audience. By making the writing sing.

If you have an original concept, story, or professional world to convey, I can help you transform it into a nonfiction book. My ghostwriting clients include celebrities and professionals; remarkable individuals who have an audience, and are ready to expand their circle of influence.

While I can't guarantee a sale, I've worked with every major publisher in the business. I understand how to market a book, to publishers and readers.

From the personal to the practical, I've written all manner of nonfiction: biography, psychology, parenting, business, lifestyle, and how-to.

The process involves interviews, and the writing of a proposal and/or book-length manuscript. Proposals generally take two to four months; complete manuscripts can take six to nine months. Author credit and fees are negotiable based on the project.

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